UserName Changing announcements!

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UserName Changing announcements! Empty UserName Changing announcements!

Post  I QUIT! on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:41 am


Once you change your username please put where it says Humor: on your profile.

Please put there: I was ________

So we know who you were and who you are now!

If you would like your user name changed please go to open mic and read the rules!

Moderators, and Administrators. You have the power to change usernames!
I haven't figured that out yet but,
Please let me know! And then (If you are a Mod or Admin) you can change it!

If your something else, please do the same, but we'll have to say okay, we'll change it.

So please go to that thread and we'll change it right away! Thanks! (:


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