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blonde jokes ;] Empty blonde jokes ;]

Post  Guest on Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:26 am

dnt take these offensive blondes i'm a blonde to lol xD

1- a blonde is caught in a rowboat in the cornfield (remember there is no water there.) another blonde pulls up in her truck and yells "hey your giving us a bad name! if i could swim i'd come out there and get you!"
(its not all that funny lol..)
2- a blonde a red head and a brunette get stuck out on the water in there boat land is 3 miles away. the red head jumps off the boat and says yall stay here i'll go swim for help, she gets half way there and gets to tired and drowns. the brunette says i'm going to go find her so she jumps off and swims to go try to find her then she to, drowns so the blonde jumos off and thinks "i should go find them" she gets half way there gets tired and turns around and comes back.
(its only funny because the blonde could've swam all the way to shore but she got tired and turned around and went back to the boat.)
[if ya dnt get em' ask me lol]


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